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  • Hi,
    first i want to apologize cause i don’t speak japanese.
    So, let me introduce myself.
    My name is Cyril Farudja, i’m actually working for Tsume ( www.tsume-art.com ) as Art director and lead 3D character artist.
    we create official statues and figures from well known manga’s and anime’s licenses as Dragon Ball Z, One piece, Naruto Shippuden, saint seiya and many more ( licenses that i personally work on).

    here is some screenshots and pictures of Raoh from Hokuto No Ken.
    hope you like it.

    raoh HNKsmall.jpg
    raoh_HQS-04.jpg ! raoh_HQS-16.jpg
    you can see more pictures here :

  • わあああああ!
    (Come on Cyril, show your past works from Street Fighter and more! At least the finished ones)

  • I like this statues. It seems that this statue came out out of comics.

  • administrators

    @Cyril-Farudja Jaw- dropping work!

  • thanks a lot guys !
    yes thomas , maybe i should share it !

    let me share a news that make me proud of my job !
    you can see some of my pieces exposed at the Jump festa . thanks a lot to Toei and Sueisha !

    here is a picture of what i am talking about !


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    Bloody fantastic works!! keep posting :)

  • thousand thanks !
    i would like to benefit of this thread to inform you that my company ( www.tsume-art.com ) is often looking for new freelancers talents to add in its crew .
    i 've seen a lot of awesome artworks here , on this forum !.
    if you are interested, don’t hesitate contact me at [email protected] ,
    we will be proud to add you into our wonderful crew ^^

    have a nice day ^^ !

    Cyril farudja
    art director/lead 3d Character artist at Tsume-art.com

  • Hi mates !
    here is some news works from Tsume I did with my super team !
    Naruto & Sasuke , 1/6 size, from a great collaboration with Bandai Namco on their last Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 . it was again an awesome project ^^ !

    here is a making of about our this project , a presentation of our society and the way we achieved our art .

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