Futuristic Robots

  • Hi all,

    Frist post on ZBrush central Japan .
    My english is better than my Japanese so english it is sorry about that .
    My name is Walter I live in Japan ( but I am French) I make resin kits for fun for the Wonder Festival .
    Here a quick presentation of the works that me and the different friends I collaborate with do.
    I sculpt but I am slow I wish I could do more but when I don’t do myself I ask David Richardson to come to the rescue.
    first a mix of the kits I did then I will show the collaborations
    DSC00161.JPG chariot_07.jpg chariot_06.jpg chariot_05.jpg 1078789_545695572156527_1754729741_o.jpg 1072459_545695152156569_137940537_o.jpg 980353_545695652156519_1990807741_o.jpg 980342_544361262289958_1921711654_o.jpg 457393_544361248956626_301551437_o.jpg

  • here some of David Works with some design by french Bande Dessinée artists Stan & Vince :RobotR.jpg RobotDAngles.jpg Cuts.jpg !DSC01906.jpg DSC01895.jpg DSC01909.jpg DSC01888.jpg

  • Hi Walter!
    I’m replying in english because my Japanese is very bad… and I’m french myself!
    You are doing a very good work!! What is your table number at WF ? could you add it to this thread: ? http://zbrushcentral.jp/topic/238/

  • Hi Thomas,

    Wonder Fest Booth: 7-14-02.
    Thanks I am glad you like them
    To me it’s a hobby I try to have fun regardless of the success of the kits i sculpt or produce.
    and not to post empty still some great sculpt from David .
    10754169_10152822579750135_830687395_o.jpg 11067563_10153207391850135_1080917171_o.jpg 10942329_809258145800267_9098292278693989269_n.jpg DSC03597.jpg

  • more from David .FuturisticFiguresWithHelmet.jpg file001223.jpg file001222.jpg file001214.jpg file001213.jpg file001212.jpg file001211.jpg file001210.jpg file001209.jpg

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