• 0_1494077980639_0Goddess by vahid ahmadi .jpg image url)0_1494078001642_1Goddess by vahid ahmadi2 .jpg 0_1494078026960_2Goddess by vahid ahmadi bpr render.jpg 0_1494078048646_5Goddess by vahid ahmadi bpr render2.jpg 3_1494078066379_vahid ahmadi zsphere topology and zmodeler.jpg 2_1494078066379_vahid ahmadi bpr render in zbrush.jpg 1_1494078066379_gold tut material in zbrush by vahid ahmadi.jpg 0_1494078066378_goddess chaarcter sheet vahid ahmadi zbrush workflow.jpg

    • Hello guys this was completely done and rendered in zbrush and mixed passes using photoshop and i also added some workflows and its daeho cha concept
      hope you enjoy it


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